Samsung A Series Mobiles A10 A30 A50 Launch Early in 2019

After the Huge  success of Samsung M series Mobiles (M10 & M20) Now  Samsung is planning to launch A Series Mobiles A10 A30 A50  Early in 2019.

Yes you are hearing absolutely right. Samsung dicided to launch their A series mobile in 2019.

A senior wise president told that Samsung M series was a trailer but now we will launch Samsung A series mobiles to get number one position in smartphone industry. Also said that we will launch first Samsung A series mobile in March 2019 and our target to get 4 billion dollars from only Samsung A series mobiles in 2019.

We have got some details of Samsung A series mobiles. You can also read below

1. Samsung A10 :- 

First of all in A series Samsung will launch Samsung A10 in March 2019 because A wise president of Samsung told that we will launch one Samsung A series mobiles every month from March to June 2019.

Samsung A10 Specification and Price 

Launch Time - March 2019 
Price - Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 8000/-
Notch - infinity V notch
Display - 6.2 inch HD+
Camera - 13 MP + 5 MP Selfie 
Processor - Samsung Axynos 7880 
Storage - 3GB + 32GB
Battery - 4000 mah
Samsung A10 will be a budget segment device from Samsung in 2019.

2. Samsung A30 :-

This will be second mobile of Samsung A Series. 

Samsung A30 Specification and Price

Launch Time - April 2019
Price - Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 17000/-
Display - 6.4 inch super revolution HD
Processor - Samsung axynos 7904
Camera - 16+5 MP
Selfie camera - 16 MP 
Battery - 4000 mah + 15 watt fast charger
Notch - infinity U notch 
Samsung A30 will be a upgraded devise of Samsung M20.

3. Samsung A50 :- 

This will be third devise of Samsung A series in 2019.

Samsung A50 Specification and Price 

Launch Time - May 2019
Price - Rs. 20,000 to 22,000/- 
Processor - Samsung axynos 9610
Display - 6.4 inch Full HD 
Notch - infinity U notch
Camera - Triple Camera (25MP+5MP+8MP)
Selfie camera - 25 MP
Battery - 4000 mah + 15 watt charger 

And there will be a common thing in Samsung A Series mobiles that these three devise will have 4000 mah battery. So let's wait and watch how Samsung will be surprise us with Samsung A series after Samsung M series. 
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