Mobile Phone Buying Guide 2019 | Tips to Buy Best Smart Phone

Want to buy a new smart phone, then read this mobile phone buying guide. It help you to buy best smart phone for you.  By reading this, your knowledge will be increase about mobiles and you will be able to buy a good smart phone in less money.


There are a lot of different things to consider when you're  buying a new smartphone.

Some Short and Quick Tips 

1. Fix your budget and never buy a phone with more money than your budget. You have to try to buy a phone in your budget. Don't worry I will tell you next in this article.

2. Don't buy a phone on EMI. If you buy a phone on EMI which cost is 10000 INR.  Then actually you will have to pay 15000 INR with interest. 

3. Decide, why you want to buy a new phone. Take note on a notepad that what requirement you want in new smartphone.

4. Don't buy in flash sale. Now a days mobile companies use flash sale trick for more sale of their phones. Mobile companies make hype of their phone in the market and we think without thinking, buy phone in flash sale. Because we think that we will not get this phone later.

5. Don't buy these phones that do not have service center near you. Because when your phone gets spoiled, how do you repair the phone without service center.

It was just simple things, but if you are buying a new smartphone in 2019 then what should be in it. In your  new smartphone You need to check all technical specificatins which I write down below. 

1. Processor :-

The processor is the brain of the phone just as the motherboard in the computer's CPU. Whatever we do in the phone, the process is processed by the processor. So As good as the processor, our phone will work as smoothly as possible.

The three famous companies that make the processor which have you heard many times.
Now How can we choose best processor 

It's very simple - Suppose your budget is 10,000 INR and you have three phones in which each phone cost is 10,000 INR. And each phone have different processor.
  • Phone A - Snapdragon 
  • Phone B - Mediatek 
  • Phone C - Exynos 
So you have to search in google like this 
Snapdragon Vs Mediatek Vs Exynos 

You will get a lot of results so that you can compare these three processors and choose the best processor for you. 

A Procesessor is also divided into Cores.
  • Dual Core   (2 Core) 
  • Quad Core  (4 Core)
  • Hexa Core  (6 Core) 
  • Octo Core   (8 Core) 
The more Core in the processor = More Powerful processor 

2. Gorilla Glass :- 

When the screen of the smartphone breaks down, the cost of repairing reaches half of the phone's value.

Whenever you buy a new phone, you should keep in mind that there is a Gorilla Glass on the phone's screen or not.

What is Gorilla Glass 

There is a company called corning Inc. Which makes such thin glass that is very hard and protects your phone's screen. Corning Inc made gorilla glass 1 in 2007 which used first time in apple's phone. Gorilla glass 5 is the latest version of Gorilla Glass. 

Benefits of Gorilla Glass
  • It's prevents scratches on our phone's screen. 
  • When the phone falls or gets a slight injury,  So Gorilla Glass protects your phone's screen from collepsing.

3. Battery :- 

You have heard many times that the battery of this phone is 3000 mAH or 5000 mAH.  
mAH means milliampere hour. 

For example 3000 mAh is your phone's battery capacity. And your phone is doing any work in which it is spending 300 mAh of power, so your battery will last for 10 hours. 
Therefore, if you do heavy work in your phone then you should take a phone with more mAh battery so that the phone doesn't have to charge again and again.

Keep in Mind These Things Too 
  • RAM :- Always buy a phone with enough RAM. It's depends on phone's processor. Normally phones of 2 to 3 GB are adequate but if your phone's processor is powerful then you can increase the RAM. 
  • Resolution :- Always buy a full HD phone. Never buy a with 720 P Resolution. 
  • Security :- whenever you buy a phone,  keep an eye on thing that the finger sensor lock or face lock in the phone or not. 
  • important smartphone feature. Pay attention to specs like pixel size and aperture (lower numbers are better) and ignore the megapixels.

  • If you want the most speed for games and multitasking, buy an Android phone with the latest snapdragon 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. The A9 chip in the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus is also very speedy. A Snapdragon 615 chip is fine for mid-tier Android phones.

  • Don’t settle for a smartphone with less than a 3,000 mAh battery if endurance is really important.
  • Last but not the least don’t get compromise on the design. 
You Can Also Consider These Things
  • Also check whether the phone supports fast charging or not. It is good to get fast charging in budget. 
  • If a water resistant phone is found in budget, then it is a good thing. 
  • Also check 3.5 mm microphone jack. 
  • If you like bazelless phone and its available in your budget then you can buy it. 

You can compare all these technical specifications among all phone which are available in your budget. And can choose  a best smartphone for you. 

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